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Angelic Investor is a site unlike any other forum for inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and visionaries to obtain funding from qualified investors in your specific sector of the market. We do not collect any money whatsoever from the people using this site to connect with each other. It is a completely free way for you to seek outside capital from a third party, and a free way for anyone with capital available to find exciting new ideas worthy of their investments. Our goal is to create a free community of Angel Investors that goes beyond the standard definition fostered by media programs like Shark Tank, so that we can inspire people to work together, rather than operating from an adversarial starting point. Investors and Inventors need each other, Angelic Investors understand this, and so do many thriving start-ups.

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investing books Books Every Investor Should Read -
Reading books may seem so passe with the internet offering so much information for everyone, but there are some books that some of the top investors of our era claim are just too amazing to pass up.
great recession 10 Years Out from The Great Recession -
The “Great Recession” was 10 years ago, but people are still feeling the effects. It has made an indelible mark on the “millennial” generation who came of age during the most tough parts of the ordeal.
Hosted VOIP Provides Rock-Solid Cloud Telephone Service at Rock-Bottom Prices -
After a very successful soft-launch, is now available for business owners and IT decision-makers world wide. The leading edge technologies and enterprise-grade infrastructure backing the Hosted VOIP cloud telephone system now position the company as a major force in the rapidly growing cloud telephone Hosted VOIP market.
Twitter Success Of Recent Twitter IPO Sparks Investor Interest in Social Startups According To Bloomberg -
The recent success the Twitter IPO is sparking serious investor interest in social start-ups according to Bloomberg. “Twitter’s numbers were a validation of what we were doing” said a representative of DataSift Inc., one of the many social platforms now seeking funding. “I could always tell when there was a big bit of Twitter news in the market because we’d have a few VCs calling us.”
Datawind Datawind Brings $38 UbiSlate Tablet To US Market -
The Chicago Tribune is reporting that London-based Datawind will soon begin selling the UbiSlate tablet computer in the U.S. at a market-shaking $38 price point. UbiSlate 7Ci is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, runs Google's Android 4.0 and features a 1-gigahertz single-core processor. It also features a standard 4 gigabytes of storage with microSD card slots for storage expansion.
Microsoft New Microsoft CEO Will Be Announced Q1 2014 -
The Microsoft board has publicly stated that there will be a new Microsoft CEO announced during the first quarter of 2014. The ongoing vetting process to replace outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer has already lead the company to pare down it's list of more than 100 potential executive candidates, for what will become the third CEO in Microsoft history following Ballmer and Bill Gates.
Google Google Says 30 Percent Of The Entire Internet Is Duplicate Content -
Google announced it's belief that more than 30 percent of the entire internet is comprised of completely duplicated content. Much of the content has been spun, morphed or otherwise modified by computer scripts capable of doing everything from simple word-substitution to complicated algorithmic changes to entire documents that go unnoticed by the untrained eye but may lead to search engine optimization penalties for low quality content that fails to be informative or original.

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Bitcoin Bitcoin -
Bitcoin is an open source digital currency that utilizes a peer-to-peer payment network to allow digital transactions to take place in a more secure and private way than traditional currencies backed by governmental entities, originally introduced in 2009. Bitcoin is often called a cryptocurrency because of its reliance on public-key cryptography as the primary security measure with buyers and sellers sending payments by broadcasting a digitally signed message that effectively transfers ownership of Bitcoins without the use of any central controlling authority providing regulatory oversight.
Social Media Social Media -
To properly put the explosive growth of Social Media in perspective, imagine a world where MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and dozens of other ubiquitous social platforms did not exist. Now, consider the fact that it all started less than a dozen years ago.
E-Commerce E-Commerce -
E-Commerce is the description used to explain all manners of digital marketing, subscription services, payment processing, ethical email marketing and advertising online. Generating leads, building a massive global audience and scaling growth to maximize net revenue while minimizing costs are tremendous advantages of the E-Commerce sector when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar business ventures.
Software Software -
From the earliest age of modern computing to the progression though several evolutions of development, Software has shaped much of the innovation in a variety of sectors as the underlying construct used to communicate, track, report, market and improve ideas in the digital era.