Website Secure

Website Secure is a rapidly growing trust seal, website certification, merchant ethics and consumer advocacy organization that inspects and monitors websites or other digital properties to ensure they are abiding by their stated terms of service, privacy policy and pricing information. Their ‘Always Be Sure With’ slogan, certification seal and brand have been viewed all over the world with more than 1+ Billion impressions in the last year alone.

“So much of modern digital commerce relies on consumer trust” said Angelic Investor Stewart Klein. “ seems to be on the right path, focusing on the companies that are doing things ethically and highlighting them in a way that creates a bright line between them and other less ethical websites without drawing attention to the pitfalls some other sites present in the process. Positive marketing works and companies that are already doing business the right way are now able to monetize the fact that they are treating their customers fairly with a simple, affordable and easy to utilize Website Secure Seal. I’m very proud to be involved with this company from the start.”

Website Secure generates significant revenue and has already achieved positive cash flow, with a growing list of intellectual property filings approved on its behalf. Angel Investors interested in moving the brand forward are encouraged to contact us to connect with ownership.

Angelic Investors On-board: Stewart Klein, Eyal Alsheich