great recession

10 Years Out from The Great Recession

The “Great Recession” was 10 years ago, but people are still feeling the effects. It has made an indelible mark on the “millennial” generation who came of age during the most tough parts of the ordeal. Here are some ways the Great Recession has left its effect on our investment atmosphere today.

First of all, according to some reports, people, especially millennials, do not trust the stock market all these years later. During the worst part of the recession, which some might pinpoint as the day of September 29, 2008, the Dow went down almost 800 points, causing an overall 7% loss in one day alone. This was when the House of Representatives decided not to bail out some banks. In the months that followed, the index had some of the largest dips and gains of it’s lifetime. This experience actually led many investors to leave the stock market entirely, to this very day.

According to one analysis in 2008, $637 billion in new investments was coming into the stock market, compared with just $67 billion in 2017. Where millennials have focused their investments instead are unconventional options like crypto currency, and innovative tech stocks and startups. Even stocks in marijuana companies are getting a lot invested into them because people just don’t trust the stock market anymore at all.

Another investment scenario that is seeing an uptick is funds. This eliminates the need to be on the ball, because funds are typically managed by experts who want to give their investors the maximum amount of earnings.

Of course people who invest in businesses and make their own investment decisions are on a whole other level of investment prowess. This is a great way to truly improve and increase your wealth, in addition to your business knowledge. When you invest in tangible businesses, you can gain experience in managing your funds and making sure to get the most out of it. Increasingly, millennials see this as a more solid method of investment than the stock market!