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Books Every Investor Should Read

Reading books may seem so passe with the internet offering so much information for everyone, but there are some books that some of the top investors of our era claim are just too amazing to pass up. If you are over the idea of reading a book, you could read these hits on your e-reader.

1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Sure, this book was written in 1949 but it still has advice that is relevant for today. Warren Buffet, one of the world’s top investors, considers this book to be the best one on the topic to the day. The author, Benjamin Graham, is often called the father of investing, and in the book, he highlights different methods and strategies to manage your portfolio that could be timeless.

2. The Essays of Warren Buffet

Well, as previously mentioned, the book above is lauded by Warren Buffet, so why not read his own thoughts on investing and business. He is arguably the most successful investor in our times, and while the book hopes to talk to those who are part of the corporate world, there are things that anyone can learn from this read.

3. Thinking Fast Flow

This book is a great dive into the psychology of investing. Whether we like it or not we all have a relationship to money that is emotional, though we are not encouraged to explore that aspect of our financial relationships. So, when you dive into your investing future, make sure to keep all of that in mind – and all the gleanings from this book.

4. Emotional Currency

This book is not quite about investing, and it is geared towards women. The book has several questionnaires as part of it to help you explore your relationship with money and why you have certain feelings about it. It’s a really interesting book for those who hope to make money their careers.