Shawn Boday

Shawn Boday

Shawn Boday is the President of Perday LLC, a real estate investment firm that prioritizes affordable housing in the rapidly developing Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Focusing primarily on Seattle and the East Side of Washington State, Iowa, Montana and Oregon, the company is already making an impact by helping to create significant new housing inventory for renters and owners, while advocating for a deep commitment to the healthy environment that makes the area so desirable for many tech companies and the aeronautics industry.

The Per Day LLC mission statement reads: “Our mission is to provide the highest quality real estate investment services in the pacific northwest, by working together with the local community and forward thinking developers to expand inventory while maintaining the important balance between the present needs caused by a rapid influx of new residents with the long term natural beauty of the region. We accomplish our mission by working diligently each day to gather data, determine the best path forward and through continuing analysis of our own efforts with an eye toward further optimization over time.“

With a growing number of monolithic companies moving into the area and expanding their operations, the investment strategy Perday LLC supports is already helping to enhance the lifestyle of thousands of people in the area. As Apple, Boeing, Microsoft, Valve and Amazon rapidly expand by hiring into the area, obtaining a homestead has become harder for many people who already live in the area or for hard working Americans displaced by some of the incoming new residents. It’s a wonderful problem for the region to have, once the challenges of providing proper infrastructure are met and the growth can become sustainable enough for everyone to benefit.

Our strategy continues to evolve with each new property and the business relationships we continue to cultivate among developers, bankers, real estate brokers, residents and the business community in these areas” said Shawn Boday. “The biggest challenge is keeping pace with the changing needs of local residents as a large influx of short term international employees, long time generational residents and prospective new buyers continue to compete for the best land in one of the most picturesque places on the planet. We will continue to do our best to ease this period of transition and to usher in a time when the needs of everyone in the community are being met, regardless of socio-economic stratification and other external factors.

Mr. Shawn Boday is always interested in exploring new investment opportunities with a keen eye toward real estate, land use, digital commerce and online game development.