Clement Picquet

Clement Picquet

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Clement Picquet is a renowned internet and technology entrepreneur with extensive experience building high traffic volume networks from the ground up. His expertise spans the relevant skill sets that overlap site development, traffic procurement, email marketing, social media and more.

Companies ranging from to have already benefited greatly from Mr. Picquet’s considerable marketing expertise while many other ventures have been greatly enhanced by silent partnership through direct capital investment.

When I look over an investment, whether it’s a domain portfolio, ongoing website network or brand new App concept, it really has to be something that I would use or buy myself” said Mr. Picquet. “I find even after years of experience, study and success, the best way to determine which investments are resource-worthy is by simply asking myself – Would I actually buy this if I were the end line customer? I really enjoy the passion of new ideas, new companies and the people who push them forward with all of their endurance – it isn’t easy, but with a great idea and plenty of effort I’m sure we can get it done together.”

Clement Picquet is interested in new investment opportunities that center on innovative ideas for digital products, particularly in the Freemium Gaming and Mobile App sectors. His typical investment in new start-up ventures exceeds the one million dollar mark, but he is open to any worthwhile ideas big or small.