Tempeste Romance

Tempeste Romance

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Tempeste Romance, Relationship & Self-Improvement Book Reviews By Fifty Pixels Ltd is a mobile app available for IOS or Android devices with much more development already in progress to bring the platform to virtually any desktop, set-top or mobile device seamlessly.

Already approved for sale on the iTunes platform and building an extensive audience in the wake of recent maneuvers by ‘major’ online E-book dealers to limit content and censor the tastes of their reading audience, Tempeste Romance is positioned to generate massive revenue from the multibillion dollar romance literature sector. On the heels of smash hits like Fifty Shades of Grey and powered predominantly by female-driven demographics, this start-up may be poised to quickly become a household brand name in the mind of every woman with her own Tablet or E-reader.

“Entertainment can be a tricky sector to invest in because we are so often attempting to predict a new area ripe for monetization rather than riding an existing trend with definable data points” said Angelic Investor Angie Rowntree. “Tempeste Romance has the competitive advantage of excellent timing, and when it comes to entertainment, being out at the right time can mean more than being out with the best product or the lowest price point. I expect significant growth in the near term, and steady audience increases long term as well thanks to the curated content approach being used to earn trust from the audience as we gather market momentum.”

Angelic Investors: Angie Rowntree