Stewart Klein

Stewart Klein

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  • Location: New York
  • Portfolio: 2M+

A strong family background in business fueled the entrepreneurial passion of Stewart Klein from an early age, and a law school education balanced his zeal for new technologies with a deep understanding of risk management. Experience in the Hotel / Travel sector, Digital Security market, Software Development field and Video Gaming industry have allowed Mr. Klein to cobble together a unique perspective combining seemingly different approaches to create a core set of principles that can be relied on at each stage of company growth from incubation to eventual success in the open market.

Presently I am involved in several enterprises that have already seen significant growth and are gaining market share, so what interests me most at this time are brand new ideas at the incubation phase of development” said Mr. Klein. “Proof of Concept stage innovations, intellectual¬†property that can be patented or completely new fields of economic exploration. I really have no interest in being pitched ‘the next social platform’, ‘the next search engine’, or ‘the next resort spa at a well-known travel destination.’ For me to get involved, someone would have to come to me with a fresh idea, not a slight variation on an existing market leader.”

While other investors seek fully formed ideas ready for cash infusion and quick development, Mr. Klein has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to become engaged at the most speculative and earliest phases of a new start-up. Entrepreneurs who have been turned away by Angels who were only interested in finished products may do well to contact Mr. Klein instead.