Rod Thomas

Rod Thomas

Rod Thomas is the owner of Avantis Wealth and has worked diligently since the 1970s to build a financial planning empire of real value. He has also owned two national business magazines and has a keen interest in the pension planning investment opportunities available in the United Kingdom pension market. His alternative investment strategies and experience are frequently sought out by new businesses, existing institutions and individual investors.

Since the 1970s, Mr. Thomas has worked diligently to build a portfolio of companies and properties of real value. Starting as a Chartered Accountant with Touche Ross & Co (now Deloitte) in the City of London, moving on to become the owner of national business magazines including: Business Opportunity World and Your Business during the print era and now entrenched as a reliable source of investment advice in the UK Pension marketplace; Mr. Thomas is a consultant sought out by financial investment firms and individual investors regularly.

“During my career I have developed a keen talent for identifying value” said Rod Thomas of Avantis Wealth. “Determining the future worth of businesses or investment opportunities is never easy and past success can not be relied on to predict future performance, but there is definitely an advantage to having experience on your side. When I get involved with new ventures I look for people to work with who are experienced in their field. I find the best investments are the ones that are being pushed forward by a group of professionals who are expanding on the skills they have already acquired.”

Avantis Wealth is an investment broker, specialising in high income and alternative investments. Investors can gain additional information about specific investments that meet UK rules for inclusion within an appropriate regulated pension vehicle by visiting the brokerage website at

“A banker starting a bank is much more likely to succeed than a dog breeder starting a restaurant” explained Rod Thomas. “If you have experience in your field and are seeking funding of a logical extension of your own investment portfolio, contact me and let’s talk it through. I look forward to hearing from you.”