Ken Hutto

Ken Hutto

Noted Florida attorney and CPA Kenneth Hutto is an investor interested in projects based in Florida or centered around Florida. Mr. Hutto has tremendous experience and expertise within the growing Florida business community.

Kenneth Hutto is a CPA and lawyer in the Lakeland, FL area who has been building his career since 1993, when he became a CPA. After working in that area for a while, he got certified as an expert witness in 2001 because he wanted to help people achieve justice in accounting matters. He is also an accredited business evaluator who helps businesses figure out what they are truly worth. In 2002 he became a lawyer and passed the Florida Bar Exam so he could bring his expertise in both law and accounting to the table for his clients. Since then he has been helping people in Florida get justice and save money from unjust IRS claims and challenging liens. As you can see, Ken, as he is called for short, is an upstanding citizen who has dedicated his career to positivity.

Mr. Hutto is also an investor in his local community. He wants to see Florida thrive which is why he has decided to share some of the abundance from his thriving law practice with local business opportunities in the form of investments. He knows that it is important to give back to the community and invest in the place that helped him to become such a great lawyer and CPA. Kenneth is particularly interested in local real estate investment, and local small businesses who are on the way up.

Florida has some areas that are economically depressed, but the Lakeland area is thriving thanks in part to those who are willing to take a chance on small businesses with solid business plans and great ideas. Of course those within the financial and legal industries are of great interest to Mr. Hutto because that is where he has his expertise.

“With each local investment, I know that I am improving my community and I have formed some amazing partnerships through investment. I love meeting local entrepreneurs and small business owners because that is also who I am. We share the common drive for success that makes for a great investment.” said Ken Hutto about what he is looking for in an investment opportunity. “All it takes sometimes to get a great idea off the ground is a small to medium sized investment, and when I find a partner to work with, I am happy to provide that. I love to get involved and mentor a local business owner to share my success with the community.”