Hosted VOIP

Hosted VOIP

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Hosted VOIP is the full featured Cloud Phone System that IT professionals and forward thinking executives have dreamed about for decades. Already fully operational with a robust list of features that save businesses time and resources while adding new levels of flexibility to the way way businesses communicate with their clients.

Built on industry leading Telnes Broadband infrastructure utilizing Metaswitch digital switching hardware and a routing core provided entirely by Cisco, the brand is poised to dominate its demographic, and is already backed by industry leaders who are delivering every conceivable competitive advantage to guarantee maximum growth.

HostedVOIP is a domain that already had a seven digit appraisal before we started brand development” said Jim of “So, when we made the decision to move forward we were only interested in doing things the right way to foster the kind of international brand awareness and universal consumer acceptance that this company is capable of achieving. Telnes has proven to be a terrific partner, in fact every company and individual we have dealt with has been a plus – pulling in the same direction. When you start with the advantages we had, success isn’t just a goal, for us it’s the only acceptable result.”

Investors interested in involvement with the brand, company and potential IPO possibilities are encouraged to contact us to arrange a direct conversation with ownership.