Colin Rowntree

Colin Rowntree

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Colin Rowntree is an accomplished orchestra and operatic conductor, musician, cinematographer, writer and artist. His focus on content creation and content management for many areas of Intellectual Property protection have allowed him to amass an impressive collection of brands across the digital and traditional Publishing arenas. Mr. Rowntree was among the first entrepreneurs to successfully market subscription services online in the early 1990s and has continually evolved his network of business interests, investments and strategic partnerships to allow him to remain at the forefront of content innovation.

While the majority of his resources are reinvested into his own companies, Mr. Rowntree also serves as an adviser to many aspiring start-ups, provides capital to new ventures and maintains a keen interest in new technologies that will shape the marketplace as methods of distribution and marketing move forward.

It is important to point out that all of my investments are part of an integrated strategy that allows each to benefit from the other” said Mr. Rowntree. ”Capital infusions and securitized propositions are one thing, actual investment of my own human capital is something beyond that. For me to allocate the time and attention necessary to provide meaningful assistance aside from dollars and cents, the venture must fit within the structure I already have in place. For that reason, please be sure to request my involvement only in projects that are suitable to the sectors I am already in, there are other Angelic Investors who know far more than I do about other markets outside the ones I have lived in for decades.

Humility aside, if your idea is well-founded and can be integrated into a larger network of publishing, distribution, rights management and entertainment vehicles, Colin Rowntree may be the most important person you ever introduce to your brand.